Client Successes

Client Success Stories at Cambridge Immigration Law

Stories of our clients and their successes with our firm.

April 6 Update

Over the course of the past month, three of our clients’ employment authorization documents were approved. As a huge improvement over horrendously slow processing times at USCIS in the past few years, we are excited for these clients whose approvals came just one month after filing for adjustment of status. The clients and their US citizen spouses are extremely happy that they will be able to further build their lives by working legally in the US, as they all await the processing of their green card applications.

March 26 Update

We’re excited that a client’s H1B petition was selected for the lottery, and we will be helping this local company to help keep this valued employee for up to 6 years.

March 14 Update

Recently, our client was thrilled that his marriage based green card was approved. Due to COVID travel restrictions and embassy closures, 2020 was a stressful year for him and his wife, but now they are at ease that their application has been approved.

March 7 Update

Our client is thrilled this week that her long, long pending green card renewal was approved. She originally filed it without an attorney and with her ex-spouse. When she hired our firm, we identified abuse in the relationship and represented her on a VAWA/ Abuse waiver for her I-751. It was pending for nearly 2 years and was finally approved last week. The next step for our client is approval of her pending citizenship application.

March 4 Update

Our client’s request to expedite was recently approved. She has a long pending marriage-based adjustment of status application. This request fast-tracked her travel document application and her work authorization application, based on her need to travel abroad to visit her ailing grandmother.

March 3 Update

Recently, we were thrilled for our client that her VAWA/Abuse based case was approved in less than four months. We helped her to quickly prepare a strong application that clearly told her story to USCIS. Now, she is a permanent resident without conditions and soon will be eligible to apply for US citizenship.

February 28 Update

Last week, we represented a client who obtained U.S. citizenship after immigrating to the U.S. almost 9 years ago. He had met his wife in Europe, married there, had a child there and immigrated to the U.S. on a marriage based green card. He now enjoys the peace and security of U.S. citizenship.

February 10 Update

In the past month, three of our clients were thrilled that their requests to expedite were approved. All three clients received the approval of the Employment Authorization Documents within a week of filing the request, and received their card in the mail just days following. The Biden Administration recently loosened the requirements for the request to expedite. This was a long overdue and crucial step that will begin to solve the processing time crisis at USCIS.

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