US Citizenship after arrest for solicitation

citizenship after arrestA client was arrested for soliciting a prostitute when he was caught in a sting at a local massage parlor. He successfully defeated the criminal case against him by winning “pre-trial” probation and completing probation without any problems. This meant that he had no criminal conviction. However, all criminal issues must be disclosed on US naturalization applications, and even dismissed cases can cause someone to be denied US naturalization. Here, the client waited until 5 years passed after finishing probation and then wanted to apply for citizenship. He was statutorily eligible, meaning there was no reason that USCIS had to deny his case. On the other hand, there was no reason that USCIS was required to approve his case. He had to prove that despite participating in activity that got him arrested, that he was a good person who deserved to become a US citizen. Our team prepared an excellent application that explained that this man was not defined by one error, was an upstanding member of his community, and deserved the privilege of becoming a US citizen. He was approved on the spot at the interview and sworn in as a US citizen on the same day as the interview.


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