Family and Marriage Based Immigration

Exploring the process of obtaining a family or marriage-based green card in the United States? Learn about the requirements, application steps, and important considerations for a successful submission.


Curious about the process for applying for U.S. citizenship?

Good news! You may qualify for an expedited path, potentially bypassing the standard five-year wait period.

Employee Based Immigration

Business-based immigration involves the process of facilitating the entry and legal status of foreign individuals looking to establish or expand their business presence in the United States. This category encompasses various visa options tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of entrepreneurs and investors.

More Immigration Services

 In addition to the service listed above, we offer a comprehensive array of immigration representation. Schedule a meeting with our team to explore your options and chart a clear path forward.

Our Process

Thank you for your interest in working with our firm. You may be wondering how we work, and we’d love to explain our “process” to you. Click here to read on!
  1. Our Team You will be supported by our Intake Team, Administrative Team, and Legal Team. You will be assigned to an attorney who will manage your case, a paralegal who will support the attorney, and a legal assistant who will support both of them. In the background, our Founding Attorney supervises all work and ensures that the quality of our legal work and client support is outstanding. Also, our administrative team works to make sure that your client experience is smooth and, also, handles the billing for you. 
  2. Getting Started with your Intake Call Our amazing Intake Team will welcome you into our firm and learn from you what problem you are facing and what goals you are trying to achieve. At the end of your initial call with our Intake Team, we hope you feel confident and reassured that you’ve taken the first step towards resolving your immigration challenges and achieving your goals.
  3. Review by Legal Team Our Intake Team reviews the detailed history and information that you provided to our Intake Team. If needed, the Legal Team will ask the Intake Team to get more information or documents from you. Then, the Legal Team lets the Intake Team know what type of legal representation we can offer you. 
  4. Meeting with Client Engagement You will schedule a meeting with our Director of Client Engagement/New Client Services to further discuss your problems and goals. Our Director of Client Engagement will let you know what type of legal representation our Legal Team can offer, based on the Legal Teams careful review of your intake information. 
  5. Becoming a client! When you make the important decision to start your immigration journey with our team, you will work with the Director of Client Engagement to get your Representation Agreement signed and get your payments processed. You are now a client of Cambridge Immigration Law!
  6. Let’s Get Started! Within days of signing your Representation Agreement and making your payment, a legal assistant will send you a “Let’s Get Started” email that has links to client questionnaires and document requests. You can get started answering questions and providing documents as soon as you can. If you’re confused about any of our requests, please do not hesitate to ask us for help. 
  7. Meeting your Legal Team at the Kick-Off Meeting: Your first meeting as a client of Cambridge Immigration Law will take place as soon as possible after you sign your Representation Agreement and make your payments. You will have already received the “Let’s Get Started” email, and you may have questions about that. Also, you are sure to have questions about your case, the process, and many other issues. During your Kick-Off Meeting, you’ll meet with a managing attorney, your case attorney, and your paralegal. The attorneys will review with you the legal strategy and answer your legal questions. You’ll get a strong idea of how your case will be handled by our team and by the government. You’ll understand any potential challenges that you may encounter with your particular situation. You’ll understand how we will handle those challenges for you. 
  8. Preparing Your Case Our team works closely with you over the next few weeks to prepare your case. We will review information and documents that you provide us. We will help you obtain certain documents such as tax returns, criminal records, and immigration files. We are always here ready to answer your questions and support you via email, phone, Zoom, and in-person meetings. 
  9. You review and sign We never send anything out without our client’s review and signature. We value our clients careful review of the case and important feedback about the case. 
  10. 60-days Goal Our goal is to file all cases within 60 days of being hired. Sometimes, we can work with you to file your case even sooner than 60 days. Sometimes, there are issues in your case that do not allow for filing within 60 days. However, we do inform our clients that if the case takes more than 60 days to prepare and file, we may need to add additional legal fees onto our flat fees. Let’s work together to get your case filed in 60 days!
  11. Case Follow-Up While your case is pending, we routinely check its status. We communicate on a regular basis with you about your case, and if there are problems with the case processing, we work with you to pick a strategy for getting the case back on track. 
  12. Approval! We have an amazing success rate with our cases, and we expect your case to be approved. (As noted above, if there are any challenges in your case, you’ll know about the risks those challenges present. We do NOT get surprise denials.)