Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a lawyer to resolve my immigration legal issue?

You can try to navigate the U.S. immigration system on your own without an immigration lawyer.  However, in our nearly two decades of practicing immigration law, we have seen many cases needlessly go awry because clients do not work with an immigration attorney or do not work with the right immigration attorney.  Our clients are smart, capable people who are wise enough to know when to ask for– and pay for– the best legal team to represent them in their immigration journey.  Contact us here to start working with us.

How do I schedule a conversation with an attorney at Cambridge Immigration Law?

Cambridge Immigration Law offers online scheduling and payment tools that eases the process for scheduling a consultation. If you have any questions about scheduling an appointment, making a payment, or understanding the information and documents you will need for your consultation, the team at Cambridge Immigration Law is happy to help. You will meet with an attorney on our team in-person, via Zoom, or over the phone for your consultation.

What happens after I hire Cambridge Immigration Law?

Our team works to understand your immigration goals and will offer empathy and transparency throughout your immigration legal process so that you can focus on your professional, academic, family, and personal goals. We strive to understand your specific case and advise you on the expected timeline and outcome with regular and honest updates. We strive to use the law to its fullest extent to resolve your immigration concerns in the most efficient, just, and compassionate way.

Who is on the Cambridge Immigration Law team?

Cambridge Immigration Law prides itself in its teamwork on your case.  Attorney Ellen Sullivan is the founding attorney of Cambridge Immigration Law and is the leader of our team.  All legal matters are strategized and supervised by an attorney.  Paralegals and legal assistants work with clients on billing matters, document gathering, and other non-legal work.  During your work with Cambridge Immigration Law, you will meet and communicate with various members of our team.

How much will it cost to work with Cambridge Immigration Law?

We cannot determine the legal fees for your case until you have a strategy meeting with us. Schedule yours today!

Do you represent clients outside of Cambridge, Massachusetts?

Yes! Our law licenses authorizes our attorneys to practice federal immigration law nationwide. We regularly represent clients at USCIS hearings around the United States. However, we also take great joy in our connection to the Cambridge community where we work, live, and raise our families, and we love to work with clients who are also our neighbors in our community.

What kind of immigration cases does Cambridge Immigration Law handle? 

Cambridge Immigration Law focuses on family-based immigration matters, especially marriage-based green card applications.  Our deep knowledge of all aspects of immigration law makes us extremely effective strategists and advocates for our clients. We have developed an expertise in a variety of immigration case law for a diverse range of clients, ranging from simple consultations to complex litigation in federal immigration court. Our firm has vast connections to practitioners in other legal practice areas if non-immigration legal matters are involved. For more detail about our successes with our clients, click here.

Does Cambridge Immigration Law handle waiver cases?

Yes. Our attorneys represent clients on I-601 waivers of inadmissibility, most often focusing on fraud, misrepresentation, and criminal issues. We also represent clients on I-612 waivers of the J-visa two-year home residency requirement. In addition, we represent clients on I-601A provisional waivers.

Does Cambridge Immigration Law represent clients who did not start with an attorney or who want to change attorneys?

For the benefit of our clients, we strongly encourage clients to engage our services before they file any immigration application. However, Cambridge Immigration Law works with clients whether they are at the beginning of the process or in the midst of their immigration application when they decide to engage an attorney or change attorneys. We guide many clients through multiple stages of their immigration journey, but not every client comes to us at the beginning of that process. Some clients hire us in the middle of their cases; for example, when the case seems stuck; when the client received a Request for Evidence or Notice of Intent to Deny; or before a USCIS interview. We also work with clients who were unhappy with the service or responsiveness of their past lawyers and decide to transfer their case to our firm.

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