Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Victory – Awesome Interview #2

Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Victory - Awesome Interview The interview is a critical part of your USCIS immigration application, if your case requires an interview. Being represented by an attorney at the interview sometimes makes the difference between winning and losing your case.

A client needed to submit an application very quickly due to deadline issues in her particular case and the client did not have time to provide us with any supporting documentation of the marriage. Unlike the Awesome Interview #1, we entered the interview with the Officer suspicious of the case. However, as soon as I sat down, I asked the officer if I could give a brief overview of the case. The Officer allowed me to explain the legal reason for the quick filing and our inability to submit the original application with supporting documents. I explained to the officer that we had brought many documents to prove the marriage and I asked the Officer to allow me to present the documents. I handed the Officer a package with a clear, concise index (with pagination) and briefly explained what the package contained. The package contained the couple’s joint lease, many months of joint bank statements, the couple’s first (and only) joint tax returns, documents relating to joint family health insurance, proof of the recent birth of their daughter, proof of the couple’s years-long history of joint travel around the world, and photos of the couple on various dates, in various locations, in different clothing, and with various family and friends. The Officer immediately let down his guard, thanked us for preparing so thoroughly for the interview, and conducted a friendly, short interview of the couple. The case was approved on the spot.

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