From Misunderstandings and Medical Challenges to Citizenship Victory: How Cambridge Immigration Law Helped an Immigrant Overcome Hurdles to Achieve US Citizenship

Almost two years ago, a mother of an adult son called our office desperate for help. Her son recently attended a US Citizenship interview. Shortly after the interview, he received a Notice of Intent to Revoke his previously renewed and approved marriage-based green-card. Her son (the applicant for US citizenship) was shocked by the accusations in the Notice. USCIS accused her son of lying to get his green card, lying on various immigration applications, and then lying at his US Citizenship interview.

Our team met with the mother and her son and spoke with them at length. We learned that for years the applicant for US citizenship had suffered from various medical challenges including schizophrenia. These debilitating conditions affected his memory,  his ability to understand written and spoken language, and his ability to express himself verbally and in writing. While the applicant had submitted a valid N-648 Medical Certification of Disability, USCIS somehow did not understand that the applicant’s disabilities were the cause of the mistakes on his applications and testimony. Looking at his immigration file with the understanding that this applicant struggled with memory, cognition, and communication skills it was clear that the “lies” alleged by USCIS were sadly misunderstandings and miscommunications caused by the applicant’s serious medical conditions.

The applicant hired our team to respond to the Notice of Intent to Revoke. We prepared multiple letters of support from the applicant’s family and friends. The family and friends explained that the applicant’s relationship with the US citizen ex-wife was real. They couple loved each other, but their relationship and lives became complicated when the applicant started struggling with schizophrenia, which went undiagnosed for years. We prepared documentation that thoroughly proved that the applicant’s medical conditions caused his memory and communication problems. We submitted an excellent and clear package that defended the client against USCIS allegations of lies and USCIS’s attempts to not only deny the client’s citizenship application but also to revoke his lawful permanent resident status.

USCIS delayed over 20 months in responding to our submission. Our firm contacted USCIS at least six times in various formats–emails, online inquiries, written requests. In February 2023–20 months after we responded to USCIS–we received the amazing news that the applicant was scheduled for a Naturalization Oath Ceremony. Weeks later, he became a US citizen. Now, his decade-long journey to US citizenship has ended in victory. The applicant, and his entire family, now know that they will never lose their son to deportation from the United States. With his US passport and Certificate of Naturalization, he has all the rights, privileges and protections of a proud US citizen.


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