Getting started with Cambridge Immigration Law: Strategy Session

Schedule a Strategy Session with Cambridge Immigration Law to receive expert advice on your immigration issues.Congratulations on taking the important step of scheduling a Strategy Session with Cambridge Immigration Law. Here’s what you can expect in our upcoming meeting.

First, you will be greeted in-person, on Zoom, or on the phone by our Client Engagement Specialist. Our Client Engagement Specialist will gather contact information about you and anyone else who will be involved in the Strategy Session or who relates to the immigration issues at hand. Then, you will meet one of our experienced immigration attorneys for a one-to-one 45 minute Strategy Session. During the first 5-10 minutes of the Strategy Session, you will let our attorney know why you decided to seek our advice. What is the situation? What are your questions? What happened recently that you decided that you need help now? What are your deadlines? 

Then, in the next 10-20 minutes, our Cambridge Immigration Law attorney will ask you many questions about you.

  • Why do you or your family members need US immigration benefits?
  • What are your goals in the US? Who is in your family?
  • What do you do for work? What’s your immigration history?
  • Do you have any criminal history?
  • Do you have any challenges that affect your ability to live in the US, or in your home country? 

With those questions answered, our attorney will spend the next 15-20 minutes laying out your options for moving forward to achieve your goals. We will answer your questions about how the process will work and advantages and disadvantages of different strategies you can take. 

Sometimes, there is nothing that our team or anyone else can do to help, and we will let you know if that is the case. Sometimes, our team cannot help you, but we can connect you with another attorney or other professional who can. 

If we offer you representation, our Cambridge Immigration Law attorney will bring you back to our Client Engagement Specialist who will help you open your case with us. You will receive a Representation Agreement by email (or paper if you are in the office) and a credit card authorization link. Our Client Engagement Specialist will help you complete those documents to officially open your case. Once that paperwork is complete, our Client Engagement Specialist will send your case to our Legal Team. About 2-3 business days after your case is opened, our Legal Team will contact you for your Kick-Off meeting and your case will get started!


If you need to talk to an experienced immigration attorney. We’ve helped hundreds of people traverse the complicated immigration and citizenship process. We would love to help you as well.  Call (617-272-7980) or email to get in touch.