Should I get a fiancée visa or spouse visa?

fiancée visa or spouse visaMy preference always is a spouse visa because USCIS takes those cases more seriously. The couple has actually taken the legal step of getting married, which is a big deal. However, marriage isn’t always an option for a couple, or it may not be what the couple wants to do. So, in some cases, a fiancée visa is the best, or only, option for getting your fiancé to the US. Remember, however, if you start a case as a fiancé case and then get married, the fiancée case is no longer approvable and you need to start over with a spouse case. Also, remember that a fiancé does not enter the US as a lawful permanent resident (meaning doesn’t have a green card). Once the fiancée enters, you need to get married, apply for the green card, and wait for the green card to get approved. 


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