When will you get a decision after your Marriage-Based Green Card Interview?

When will you get a decision after your Marriage-Based Green Card InterviewYour USCIS officer may give you a decision while you are at the interview. However, there is no requirement for USCIS to give you a decision on the day of the interview. If you do not get a decision at the time of the interview, you (or your attorney) should ask to speak with a supervisor and then advocate to the supervisor for a decision on that day. 

After speaking with a supervisor, it may be clear that no decision will be made that day, then you should ask the officer when s/he plans to make a decision. Usually you will get a decision within a few days of an interview. If you do not receive anything from USCIS within 30 days of the interview, then you should contact USCIS (online) to request a copy of the approval notice. USCIS Boston states that decisions will come within 6 months, but in our experience, it is completely out of the norm if a case takes longer than a week to receive a decision. 

You can check the status of your case online at USCIS.gov at “Case Status”  using the receipt number on your USCIS notices. Usually you will see updates after the interview explaining if the case is under review, approved, or denied, or if a request for evidence has been issued, or if the green card is in production or already in the mail.


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