Texas Attorney General Paxton Files Lawsuit Over End of “Public Charge” Rule

public charge lawTexas’ Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit on behalf of fourteen states in defense of the “public charge” law. This law, which forbids the immigration of individuals suspected of depending on government programs, is currently blocked by the Biden administration. Attorney General Paxton criticized President Biden’s decision under the pretense that it was a significant Texas taxpayer expense. Texas brought the lawsuit before the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit but was denied. Paxton has now filed the lawsuit with the United States Supreme Court.

The lawsuit in itself is not monumentous, and its eventual failure is likely. However, it represents larger problems within the United States’ immigration debate. Many others like Paxton use immigrants to explain failures in government support systems. Not only is it an unjustifiable claim, but this scapegoating tactic creates further animosity against immigrants. It also overlooks the important contributions immigrants make to the economy, as well as general life and culture. Officials like Ken Paxton should begin criticizing the large institutions failing Americans, instead of the hard-working individuals comprising the country.


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