Poor Conditions Continue in Migrant Care Facilities

The Biden administration allowed several journalists into its main border detention facility this Tuesday. These visitors were met with a shocking display of overcrowding, with thousands of people crammed into a space designed for a few hundred. According to the acting executive officer for the U.S. Border Control in Rio Grande Valley, Oscar Escamilla, almost 300 children enter the facility daily. It seems this number might not be decreasing anytime soon.

The United States immigration system is currently experiencing a major backlog, as unaccompanied migrants are entering the country at a faster rate than the Department of Health and Human Services can place them with U.S. sponsors. The department has been scrambling to make space, and has begun housing these migrants in convention centers in both Dallas and San Diego. More large-scale sites will be opening soon throughout Texas. 

Opening new sites, increasing staff, and expanding the resources available to the Department of Health and Human Services should be the top priority in government right now. These issues with overcrowding are a direct product of an inefficient immigration system. Instead, however, legislators in Washington have focused their efforts on increasing border security. This preoccupation with prevention ignores the present situation, which demands immediate attention. Political agendas can wait, these children cannot.


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