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Discover how Cambridge Immigration Law provides outstanding client services and frequent case updates for hired clients.

We help you follow your case and understand case updates

Discover how Cambridge Immigration Law provides outstanding client services and frequent case updates for hired clients.At Cambridge Immigration Law, we strive for two things: achieving your life goals through legal victories and providing outstanding client services at all times. One thing that sets our firm apart from many others is the frequency and depth of communication that we provide to our clients. When you become a hired client of Cambridge Immigration Law, we encourage you to stay in touch with us via email, phone, Zoom and in-person visits. We want to know your concerns, and we want to answer your questions. Without exception, we respond to current client inquiries within one business day. 

In our efforts to maintain open and frequent communication with our clients, we check on your pending immigration case every two months and provide you with an update about your case. Often, our updates to you are that things are still within normal processing times. However, as soon as we see any change in the online status of your case or receive any communication from USCIS about updates, we contact you. 

If you need to talk to an experienced immigration attorney. We’ve helped hundreds of people traverse the complicated immigration and citizenship process. We would love to help you as well.  Call (617-272-7980) or email hello@cambridgeimmigrationlaw.com to get in touch.

Post-DOMA Immigration Law

Since the 2013 fall of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), the US federal government recognizes same sex marriages for the purpose of federal laws and benefits, including immigration law.

I have years of experience consulting same sex couples. Here are some quick highlights of certain issues that you should be aware of.

Post-DOMA Immigration Law

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Marriage-Based Green Card Document Guide

We work hard to make your immigration case easy for you. Use this easy guide to help you organize the documents that you would use if you are eligible to submit an application for a marriage-based green card application. You should consult with an attorney to figure out if you are eligible for a green card before you submit any applications or documents to the U.S. government.