We get green cards and citizenship
for you, your loved ones, and your valued employees.

We will guide you through the process with expertise and care.


Open communication and personalized attention

Our clients sleep a little better at night. Why? Because we never leave them in the
dark during their application. You’ll always know what’s going on with your case.


100% Focused on Immigration Cases

Immigration law is complicated. You need an experienced attorney working on your case–
and that’s what you get with Cambridge Immigration Law. Our lawyers focus 100% on immigration cases like yours.


High Success Rate

Our mission is to make your American Dream a reality. We have a high success rate for people like you and your family. Citizenship/Naturalization applications are just easier with Cambridge Immigration Law.

Green Card and Green Card Renewal

Wondering how can you navigate the green card application process?

Your chances increase if you understand the necessary documentation,
most current immigration laws and policies. Our team does this for you.

Citizenship Services

Are you ready to finally become a U.S. citizen?

Our team will help you get US Citizenship as soon as you are qualified.

H1B Visa

Looking to streamline your path to employment in the U.S. as a specialized worker?

Discover how our team can help you navigate the H1B process
to pursue employment opportunities in the United States.

E1/E2 Visas

Seeking to engage in substantial trade
or invest a significant amount of capital in the United States?

Our team can help you get an E1/E2 Visa

National Interest Waiver (NIW)

Looking to become a U.S. lawful permanent resident?

Our team can help you get a green card by proving that your work
significantly benefits the United States of America.

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Family Unity! Green Cards Now Available to Spouses and Children of USC 

Discover how President Biden’s latest immigration actions can keep your family together, so that you do not need to leave the US to get a green card. With this new program, spouses and children of US citizens who entered the US without a visa will be able to apply for lawful permanent residence without leaving the United States with the help of an immigration law firm. While we cannot submit any applications yet, we want to help you prepare for the upcoming application process by downloading detailed flyers. Let Cambridge Immigration Law’s immigration lawyers guide you through these transformative times. Our legal services at our immigration law firm are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Family and Marriage Based Immigration

Exploring the process of obtaining a family or marriage-based green card in the United States? Learn about the requirements, application steps, and important considerations for a successful submission with our immigration law firm.


Curious about the process for applying for U.S. citizenship?

Good news! You may qualify for an expedited path with an immigration law firm, potentially bypassing the standard five-year wait period.

Employee Based Immigration

Business-based immigration involves the process of facilitating the entry and legal status of foreign individuals looking to establish or expand their business presence in the United States. This category encompasses various visa options tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of entrepreneurs and investors, which an immigration law firm can help with.

More Immigration Services

 In addition to the service listed above, our immigration law firm offers a comprehensive array of immigration representation.. Schedule a meeting with our team to explore your options and chart a clear path forward.