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How Hiring an Immigration Attorney Can Transform Your EOIR Outcome to Success

Embarking on your EOIR journey is a momentous step, and the decision to enlist the expertise of an immigration attorney can be the key to unlocking success. Today, we want to illustrate how this strategic partnership can profoundly impact the outcome of your case.

The Transformative Power of Hiring an Immigration Attorney:

  • Navigating Legal Complexities:
      • Without Representation: Navigating the legal intricacies of the EOIR process alone can be challenging, leading to potential oversights or misinterpretations.
      • With an Attorney: An immigration attorney brings in-depth legal knowledge, ensuring that your case is approached with precision, and all relevant laws and regulations are considered.
  • Tailored Legal Strategies:
      • Without Representation: A generic approach may not address the unique nuances of your case, potentially impacting the strength of your argument. What you read on the internet may not be helpful to your unique situation.
      • With an Attorney: Our attorneys craft customized legal strategies based on a thorough understanding of your circumstances, maximizing your chances for a favorable outcome.
  • Effective Advocacy:
      • Without Representation: Representing yourself may result in challenges effectively communicating your case during hearings or interactions with immigration authorities.
      • With an Attorney: Benefit from effective advocacy – our team ensures that your voice is heard, presenting your case with clarity and conviction.
  • Strategic Document Preparation:
    • Without Representation: Organizing and presenting documentation can be overwhelming, leading to potential oversights or errors.
    • With an Attorney: Our team provides expert assistance in document organization, ensuring that your evidence is presented effectively, leaving no room for oversight.

How We Transform Your EOIR Experience:

  • Thorough Case Assessment:
      • Our attorneys conduct a comprehensive assessment of your case, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for strategic focus.
  • Customized Legal Approach:
      • Benefit from a tailored legal approach, ensuring that your specific circumstances are considered for the best possible outcome.
  • Passionate Advocacy:
    • Our commitment goes beyond representation – we are your passionate advocates, standing by your side throughout the entire EOIR process.

Ready to Unlock Success?

Empower your EOIR journey by partnering with our seasoned immigration attorneys. Click [here] to explore how hiring an immigration attorney can make a profound difference in the outcome of your case.

Your success is our commitment, and we are honored to be your trusted advocates throughout the EOIR process.



Embarking on a career in sports or entertainment is a thrilling journey, but the path to international recognition comes with its own set of challenges. In this guide, we’ll explore the specialized world of P Visas, designed to cater specifically to athletes and entertainers. Understanding the nuances of these visas is crucial for a successful and smooth immigration journey. P Visas, short for “Performance Visas,” come in various types, with the primary categories being P-1, P-2, and P-3. These visas are designed to accommodate individuals and groups in the fields of athletics and entertainment.

Understanding P Visas

In the realm of athletes, the P-1A visa caters to professional athletes who have achieved recognition at an international level. This includes both individual athletes and members of athletic teams. For entertainers, there are two key categories: P-2 visas for those involved in reciprocal exchange programs and P-3 visas for those engaged in culturally unique performances or presentations.

Eligibility Criteria

To initiate the P Visa application process, thorough documentation is essential. For athletes, this may include evidence of achievements, contracts, and itineraries, while entertainers should provide details about the exchange program or cultural significance of their performances. The petition process involves filing Form I-129, along with supporting documents, through the U.S. employer or sponsoring organization. It’s crucial to start the application process well in advance to ensure timely approval.

Application Process

Benefits of P Visas include flexibility in travel, allowing athletes and entertainers to pursue opportunities across borders. Additionally, these visas permit the inclusion of essential support staff and immediate family members under certain conditions. However, it’s essential to note that P Visas are temporary for eligible artists, entertainers, and their staff. Individuals must have a sponsor in the United States regarding the event or ongoing events, demonstrating eligibility and qualifications as an athlete or entertainer. Moreover, applicants need to prove they have a foreign residence they will return to after the visa ends.

Benefits and Limitations

Understanding the intricacies of P Visas is your passport to a seamless immigration experience. Whether you’re an athlete aiming for victory or an entertainer ready to dazzle audiences, the P Visa provides the platform for your talent to shine on the global stage.

Why an Immigration Attorney is worth your investment

immigration attorneyOur team at Cambridge Immigration Law is amazing and we truly believe that working with us is worth every penny of your investment. However, we strongly believe that you should work with any good, experienced attorney–not just our amazing team–if you are going to submit any application to or attend any interview with the US government. 

First, an immigration attorney is worth your investment because the immigration attorney will confirm that you are eligible to win your application before you submit it. If you are not eligible to win, the attorney should refuse to help you submit the application. Or, if your case has gray areas in terms of your eligibility, the attorney should tell you the potential problems and potential outcomes, if there is a legal or factual reason your case could be denied.

Second, an immigration attorney is worth your investment because the immigration attorney will prepare your case based on her years of experience practicing immigration law and seeing actual results of cases presented in a variety of ways. An experienced immigration attorney will know what your case needs–and what your case does not need. An experienced immigration attorney probably has seen a case just like yours, and she can use her experience to win your case just as she did for other clients. On the other hand, if your case is different from others, an experienced attorney knows how and where to find the resources necessary to properly evaluate and present your case. 

Third, an immigration attorney–who values client services–will deliver not only the legal result you want but will also support you and your family through the long, confusing immigration process. You should be able to email or meet with your immigration attorney or her legal team frequently before you submit the application. You should be able to email or meet with your attorney or her legal team after your attorney submits your case, because you will have questions along the way. Your immigration attorney should insist on meeting with you before she represents you at any hearing so that you are well prepared. Finally, you should be able to talk to your attorney or her legal team after your interview when you have questions about how it went or what the next steps are. In short, you should work with an attorney who will call you back, email you back, and meet with you. You can’t imagine how many clients I meet who transitioned to my team after working with an attorney–to whom they pay thousands of dollars–who would not return the clients’ phone calls!

Fourth, an immigration attorney will prepare you for future necessary steps in your immigration journey when you need to renew your green card or visa, when you want to apply for US citizenship, and when you want to sponsor other relatives, such as your parents, to immigrate to the US.

Finally, it costs more to not hire a lawyer. Yes, you pay money to hire an immigration attorney. In the end, however, you save time and money. The cost of hiring an attorney pays for itself with the time you save not trying to learn US immigration law and procedure yourself, not worrying if you did things right, not scouring the internet when you have more questions after you file (and you will!), not trying to fix mistakes that you made, and not losing opportunities that come with US immigration benefits. Instead of asking how much it costs to hire an experienced immigration attorney, think about how much it costs not to have an experienced, approachable, and compassionate immigration attorney on your side as you work to achieve your life goals.

If you need to talk to an experienced immigration attorney. We’ve helped hundreds of people traverse the complicated immigration and citizenship process. We would love to help you as well.  Call (617-272-7980) or email hello@cambridgeimmigrationlaw.com to get in touch.

An Immigration Attorney’s Five Suggestions for the Biden/Harris Administration

An Immigration Attorney’s Five Suggestions for the Biden/Harris Administration



On January 20, 2021, we hope for our country to move forward and to heal after four years of intolerance, fear, inequality, impunity, and violence. We hope our country uses the lessons learned to create a fairer and safer home for all who live in the US, but especially for our most vulnerable and exploited neighbors.


Immigrants are some of the most powerful and successful citizens in the US (Madeleine Albright; Dr. Sanjay Gupta; Sergey Brin; Natalie Portman, Wolf Blitzer; Arnold Schwarzenegger; countless entrepreneurs, inventors, doctors, teachers, writers, entertainers, celebrities). However, millions more immigrants are exploited and marginalized, despite what they have already contributed to the US and despite what they still have to give our country.


Our immigration policies must recognize the value of immigrants, and for the past four years they have not. To get there, an immigration attorney provides some suggestions for the Biden/Harris Administration.


  1. Use inclusive speech that recognizes the existence of and value of diversity in our communities.

This is a complicated request because language is steeped in anachronistic or hidden meanings, assumptions, and stereotypes. But, it starts with an easy rule for the President of the United States: Don’t speak like a racist.


  1. Reinstate Obama’s prosecutorial priorities.

Obama’s tenure has been derisively dubbed the “deportation administration” because of the record number of deportation/removal orders it issued. However, the reason why his administration reached high numbers is because it focused on deportation cases that were easier to win than a deportation case against a grandmother who entered the US illegally 30 years ago, married a US citizen; raised children who became a doctor, a lawyer, and a teacher; ran her own business; and now cares for her husband with terminal cancer.  That case is cruelly unsympathetic and hard for the government to win, and it takes years for the Immigration Court to figure that out. Obama created a list of priorities that focused on non-citizens who posed national security threats and had criminal convictions that rendered them deportable. Those cases are fast for the government to win; often times for good—and bad—the non-citizen has absolutely no defense to deportation, and the government swiftly wins and moves on to the next case.


  1. Expand DACA eligibility, at minimum; create a path for lawful permanent residence for DACA recipients.

The President can expand DACA eligibility to include children who entered too late, or were too old, or left the US for some other reason. The President should lead Congress in passing a statute to provides for more protection, more safety, more promise for DACA recipients: lawful permanent residence.



  1. Create a path for lawful permanent residence for TPS holders.

TPS prevents an otherwise deportable non-citizen from being deported (absent certain ineligibilities mainly relating to criminal history), grants the person authorization to work in the US, and in some cases provides a way for the person to leave and re-enter the US. However, it does not give the TPS holder any path towards lawful permanent residency or citizenship. That person lives in the US knowing that her status is subject to the whim of the current presidential administration. That person lives in the US knowing that she will never be a US citizen. There are hundreds of thousands of TPS holders in the US. Some TPS holders have had that status since the 1990s. TPS creates an institutionalized slave class. The message of TPS is stay here for as long as we want you; work in a low-paying job (generally); and never think that the US will ever truly welcome or protect you.


  1. Create an I-751 or marriage-based naturalization option.

As an immigration attorney, I am always annoyed that lawful permanent residents who must renew their marriage-based green cards after two years are then eligible for US citizenship one year later. Both stages require expensive filing fees and burdensome applications. Why not combine those two steps to reduce the burden on the couple and also to streamline the government’s work?


Green Card Approved After I-130 Denied

In my practice, I work with many clients who require marriage-based “green card” applications (I-130 Petition for Alien Relative and I-485 Application to Register Permanent Resident).
Recently, I was hired to represent a couple after their own I-130/485 filing was not successful. They came to me with a denied I-130. We immediately re-filed a new I-130/485 package, and within months, we were scheduled for a hearing. In light of the very strong package that we submitted, the interview was very smooth and even fun, and the clients’ case was approved. This good news was especially welcome for the couple because they were expecting a baby only days after the interview!

Free Guides and Resources!

Marriage-Based Green Card Guides

We work hard to make your immigration case easy for you. Use these easy guides to help you organize your documents.

You should consult with an attorney to figure out if you are eligible for a green card before you submit any applications or documents to the U.S. government.