Can I work while my marriage-based green card application is pending?

marriage-based green card pendingMaybe! Some people are eligible to work even if their marriage-based green card pending after submitting the application because they have another visa that allows them to work. Others are not eligible to work with their marriage-based green card pending  until a temporary “employment authorization document” is approved. Currently, USCIS is processing the temporary work permits very slowly…or not at all before the green card is finally approved. At the time of starting your case, and throughout as we get updates and new information, our attorneys will give you estimates of how long it will take for USCIS to approve a work permit for you. Also, we will let you know if there is a problem if you worked without permission at some point before or after submitting your green card application.


If you and your partner are beginning the green card process as an affianced couple or as a married couple, you should discuss your situation with an experienced immigration attorney. We’ve helped hundreds of couples traverse the complicated immigration and citizenship process. We would love to help you as well. Call 617-676-0503 or email to get in touch.