How long will it take for my marriage-based green card case to get approved?

Marriage based green card pinRight now, as of December 2022, marriage-based green card cases are processing in about 6-9 months in the Boston USCIS office. We are seeing much longer case processing times in Lawrence. Cases there are taking over a year. It’s important for us to note that we are also seeing a wide range of processing times even in the same office, so even if most of our Boston cases are processing in 6-9 months, your marriage-based green card case may take 4 months or 14 months. 


If you and your partner are beginning the green card process as an affianced couple or as a married couple, you should discuss your situation with an experienced immigration attorney. We’ve helped hundreds of couples traverse the complicated immigration and citizenship process. We would love to help you as well. Call 617-676-0503 or email to get in touch.