What kind of businesses can I open on an E-1 visa?

An E-1 Treaty Trader visa is intended for individuals involved in substantial trade between the United States and their home country. The focus of this visa category is on trade, which includes the exchange of goods, services, technology, international banking, insurance, tourism, and more. Here are some examples of the types of businesses that qualify for an

E-1 visa:
Import/Export Companies: Businesses involved in importing goods from the treaty country and exporting goods to the US, or vice versa, qualify. This could include distributors, wholesalers, and import/export companies.

Service Providers: Companies such as consulting firms, technology services, and international event planning qualify.
Tourism and Hospitality: Businesses that facilitate tourism and hospitality activities between the treaty country and the US, such as travel agencies or hotels.

International Franchises: A franchise with a substantial trade relationship between the treaty country and the US is eligible.

Manufacturing Companies: Manufacturers engaging in substantial trade between the US and the treaty country qualify. This includes companies that import raw materials for manufacturing in the US or export finished products.

Transportation and Shipping: Companies involved in shipping and transportation of goods between the treaty country and the US are eligible.

Cultural Exchange Programs: Some educational and cultural exchange programs that involve significant international activities qualify.