Why is my USCIS Case Taking So Long? Where is my Case?

Are you wondering, “Where is my USCIS case?” Check out this free resource: Why is my USCIS case taking so long

The American Immigration Lawyers Association recently released the attached memo that explains the rise in processing time and possible reasons behind the slow-down in USCIS processing times. As case processing times increase, individuals and businesses with pending applications and petitions suffer from the government’s lack of predictability, lack of transparency, and lack of consistency in the way that it handles USCIS cases.

Stay on top of your case by following it on USCIS.gov’s “Case Status” page. Consider linking your email to USCIS’s updates (although the updates do not always come). Make sure to update your contact information with your attorney and your address with USCIS so that you do not miss important communications. Tip: Even if you do update your contact information with your attorney and USCIS, have a way to check your old mailing address even after you move.

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