President to Speak on Immigration Reform

After weeks of speculation surrounding the proposed use of executive authority, President Obama announced an address that would outline his plans for unilaterally passing immigration reform, The New York Times reports.

Reports have indicated that up to 5 million undocumented immigrants could receive work permits and additional protection from deportation as a result of the President’s authority. However, those individuals covered by the executive action would still not be granted full legal status and would not have access to government subsidized health care coverage or other benefits.

President Obama’s proposed use of executive authority comes after his mounting frustration with House and Senate Republicans for not passing meaningful immigration reform. Republicans–who will wield a Congressional majority beginning in January–plan to fight and overturn the President’s executive action, arguing that the President is using his authority too broadly.

Details of the reform will be discussed in the President’s address, which will give a clearer view of the impact of the executive action both in terms of immigration reform and political fallout.

The address is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, November 20.