Do I need to tell USCIS about my past marriages and all of my children?

Do I need to tell USCIS about my past marriages and all of my childrenYes! 

USCIS considers this information relevant to most family-based applications, and even if it does not seem relevant to an employment-based application, USCIS wants to know all of this information. 

Make sure that you have valid, final divorce decrees for all your divorces, even old ones. We have seen cases where clients filed for applications without divorce certificates from the 1970s, and USCIS wants the divorce certificate despite the ancient history that the divorce may be for you. As for children, if you leave them off of immigration applications, not only do you risk getting charged with misrepresentation, but you risk making it difficult, or impossible, for those children to get immigration status through you (if they are eligible). 

Do not omit something from your application because it seems to complicate your application. Believe us when we tell you that your application will be much more complicated if USCIS knows, or even suspects, that you omitted information from your applications. We have seen clients’ cases become delayed for years as they try to clean up the simple mess of not disclosing a prior divorce because it was so long ago. 

Speak with an immigration attorney about your history and eligibility for a green card before you file any application with USCIS or speak with any USCIS or other US government  agent or official about your immigration application. 


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