From Asylum to Happy Marriage-Based Green Card

Marriage-based green card

After 8 years and with our help, our client obtained a marriage-based green card. He is finally a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States! Our team first started working with a wonderful, young gay man from a country where he was persecuted. Eight years ago, we filed for asylum for him–right at the time when the asylum system started to drastically slow down from about a 1-2 year timeframe to the current 5 to 8 year processing time. As our client waited for a decision on his asylum case, he built a life in the US, graduating, working, and falling in love with a US citizen.

Our client married his husband almost three years ago, and we filed a marriage-based green card application for him. Due to a very minor criminal issue, his green-card application was delayed more than a year. Today, our team opened the mail and received the wonderful notice that the marriage-based green card was finally approved. Congratulations to our client and his husband!


If you and your partner are beginning the green card process as an affianced couple or as a married couple, you should discuss your situation with an experienced immigration attorney. We’ve helped hundreds of couples traverse the complicated immigration and citizenship process. We would love to help you as well. Call 617-714-4375 or email to get in touch.