How long will my H-1B visa be valid, and how long will it take USCIS to approve it?

How long will my H-1B visa be valid?

Your visa will be valid anywhere from one to three years at first, depending on the evidence provided about the position. For example, a software developer could receive a three-year visa, while a physician during residency would only receive a one-year visa.

You can extend your H-1B visa up to six years. There are certain exceptions to the six-year H-1B limit. The most common scenarios are when the foreign national is on the path to permanent residency and has an approved Form I-140 or if the I-140 application was filed at least 365 days before the end of the sixth year or the requested H-1B start date. In these scenarios, the beneficiary’s H-1B status can be extended in one- to three-year increments, indefinitely.


How long will it take for USCIS to approve my H-1B visa?

The processing times for an H-1B visa vary depending on a range of factors, including the volume of visa application, the specific office in which the petition was filed, the strength of your application, whether USCIS requests additional evidence, and whether you apply for premium processing.


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