How long will it take to renew my two year green card?

Renewing a two-year green card can take up to 17 months. File 90 days before expiration with an experienced immigration attorney.This is a great question, and no one knows the answer! Currently, USCIS publishes processing times of approximately 12-17 months. Our cases have been approved much quicker than 12-17 months, but most are pending at least that long. To cover the long processing times, USCIS sends I-751 applicants receipt notices that serve as 48-month extensions of the expiring green card. (Only a few years ago, USCIS issued receipt notices that only extended the expired card by 6 months! Clearly, USCIS is planning on deciding on your case any time soon!

USCIS processing times change from month to month for a variety of reasons cited by USCIS: the volume of applications received, staffing levels, and changes in USCIS policies or procedures.  

File your Form I-751 as soon as you are eligible, which is 90 days before the green card (Form I-551 expires). Do NOT file before 90 days because USCIS will immediately reject it, or worse, USCIS will wait over a year to deny it. 

To be successful on your green card renewal, you must prove that you were in a “real marriage,” that is, that you did not fake the marriage to get a green card. Green card renewal applications with Form I-751 are difficult to prepare and win, and USCIS is always looking for fraud in I-751 applications. Don’t file a I-751 application without an experienced immigration attorney!


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