Hopes for the Biden Administration

“I feel hope that a new administration will narrow the inequity I see, the inequity I have lived. Maybe it’s a new day of compassion for the marginalized. Maybe all children, regardless of where or to whom they are born, will find refuge and opportunity, not disadvantage and suffering.”   We are moved today by these powerful words from David Velasquez, a fellow at the Center for Public Leadership and a graduate student at Harvard University.  His essay in Sunday’s Boston Globe inspires us but perhaps, more importantly, it reminds us that we have so much more to do.  The perseverance he and his family have shown, the will that brought him to where he is today, must be met by a society that reaches out to lend a hand of compassion.  One that seeks to ameliorate the inequities and lift up those that are struggling.  We need an immigration system that reflects these values.