Have you entered the US without visas?

Entered the US without visas? Learn about I-601A waivers for obtaining a green card at a US embassy. Generally, it’s a problem if you entered the US without a visa (or without ESTA). If you last entered the US more than six months ago without a visa, then you are probably not eligible to get a green card from within the US. You’ll have to get an I-601A and get your green card at a US embassy. If you entered the US at some point, and then later entered the US with a visa, you may have a fraud problem. That is, in order to get a visa to the US, the US generally asks if you’ve ever been in the US and how you entered. If you told the US that you entered without a visa that will make it unlikely that you’ll be granted a visa. If you were asked about prior entries to the US and you did not disclose the entry without a visa, you’ll have a fraud problem that will require an I-601 waiver (not I-601A waiver). 

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