Prepare for your N-400 English and Civics Tests

The English test and civics tests can be scary for some applicants. Some tips to get ready:

  1. Practice English as much as you can with as many people as you can!
  2. Check out USCIS’s N-400 guide at
  3. Take a citizenship prep class.
  4. Talk with an attorney about your legal eligibility for US citizenship.

The Irish International Immigrant Center in Boston offers English language and civics classes. The classes are for people studying for their N-400 citizenship/naturalization test. Also, the classes are for people who have already submitted their N-400 Applications. Even if the applicant is working with me or another attorney on legal matters, the classes are a great way for any applicant to prepare for the test. Call theIrish International Immigrant Center at 617-542-7654, ext. 36. Or see for more information!

Contact my office if you’d like to set up a legal consultation to talk about your eligibility for citizenship.