Building a Strong Case: Documentation in EOIR Hearings

In the complex landscape of EOIR (Executive Office for Immigration Review) or Immigration Court hearings, the significance of documentation cannot be overstated. Building a robust case requires a strategic approach to gathering, organizing, and presenting evidence. This resource lists important issues to consider as you document your defense to deportation.

  1. Each piece of evidence contributes to the overall strength of your case.
  2. Various types of documents are relevant to immigration proceedings.
  3. Understand that you must be able to authenticate the documents you submit to court.
  4. Present an affidavit to strengthen your case.
  5. Incorporate supporting statements to corroborate facts and bolster key arguments.
  6. Follow correct laws, policies, and procedures relating to your legal arguments and case type.
  7. Reference the EOIR practice manual here for requirements relating to your case type.


Building a strong case in EOIR, or Immigration Court, hearings requires a meticulous approach to strong, relevant, and required documents.