What are “biometrics”? Will I need to have “biometrics”?

biometrics in uscis“Biometrics” means a background check that USCIS runs when you apply for a USCIS benefit. With it, you’ll have your fingerprints stamped and your photo taken. Historically, all applicants had to appear for biometrics every time she filed any type of application, such as a work permit, TPS, or green card. Since COVID, USCIS has switched to waiving appointments if the applicant had USCIS biometrics within the past ten years. Note that USCIS biometrics is not the same as biological measurements or finger-printing at US Customs (CBP), a US embassy or at a police station. Fingerprints from those offices won’t get passed over to USCIS to count as USCIS fingerprints. But, USCIS will almost certainly know of any negative information in your other fingerprints checks. 


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