Biden Signs International Deal Concerning Migration


Signs international dealThe Biden administration has come to an agreement with Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras to temporarily increase border security, in an attempt to limit migration to the United States southern border. Mexico will be maintaining a deployment of about 10,000 troops, while Honduras will be deploying about 7,000 police and military personnel to its border. Guatemala plans to send 1,500 police officers and soldiers to its southern border, while also setting up twelve checkpoints along migrant routes. According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, “the objective is to make it more difficult to make the journey, and make crossing borders more difficult.”

The move is both disappointing and concerning. The arduous journey many migrants endure should not be made any more “difficult.” On the contrary, governments should be focused on making their lives easier. The money spent on policing could instead be allocated towards supplies and housing for migrants. Furthermore, migrants have already reported many of these groups for violence, extortion, and robbery. The agreement will just give them more power and presence. 


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