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Trump Administration Proposes Changes to International Student Visas

The Trump Administration has proposed changes to the international student visas. A summary of the proposal has been prepared by Penn State Law and is available here: https://pennstatelaw.psu.edu/sites/default/files/documents/pdfs/Immigrants/FJISummary9-27.pdf

At this point, these rules have not been approved. People in the US on student visas continue to be governed by current rules.

DACA Defended! What happens now?

The US Supreme Court recently ruled that the Trump administration did not properly end the DACA program. This is good and bad news. First the good news: the Trump administration’s efforts to end the DACA program still have not been successful. Now the bad news: The US Supreme Court’s decision essentially gives the Trump administration general instructions about what the administration would need to do to properly end the program. Since the decision, the administration has said that it will attempt again to end the program, following the US Supreme Court’s recent ruling.



Heartbreaking Deportation of Connecticut Mother

The Trump Administration continues its senseless and arbitrary deportations of longtime members of our communities, of people who have contributed to our neighborhoods, our schools, our restaurants, our shops, and our diversity. The administration forgets, or likely refuses to admit, that our economy and our culture depends on people who are willing to work hard at jobs that are difficult or impossible to fill, whether those jobs are high-tech jobs or home-cleaning jobs. US workers should not be displaced, however the reality is that US workers are not able to fill some jobs, such as high-tech jobs or rural physician jobs, or are unwilling to take other jobs, such as low-paying, grueling jobs such as cleaning our homes.

Read the story at http://wnpr.org/post/without-documentation-or-criminal-record-immigrant-mother-faces-deportation?utm_source=Recent%20Postings%20Alert&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=RP%20Daily.