Green card Approved at US Embassy in Spain

 Green card Approved at US Embassy in SpainOur client’s immigrant visa (green card) application approved at US Embassy in Spain, and bonus? The client was able to travel to the US while he was waiting for the final approval. The US citizen spouse needed to return to the US before our client was able to get an immigrant visa, aka as a “green card.” We represented the couple as they were separated for over a year and half, during COVID, waiting for his immigrant visa to process through USCIS, the National Visa Center, and the US Embassy in Europe. Many months into the National Visa Center process, the client wanted to travel to the United States to see his US citizen daughter graduate from high school. Our team prepared a strong package for our client to show to US Customs and Immigration, proving that while he wanted to move to the US with a “green card,” at that time, he just wanted to enter the US for a few days to see his daughter graduate. His quick trip was a success, and a few short months later, he had his Embassy interview and his immigrant visa approved. He wrapped up his life in Europe and moved to the US to start a new life with his wife and children.


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