May Day

May 2, international Workers’ Day

Laborers around the world stormed the streets for May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, in celebration of the working-class and in pursuit of related social and economic legislation. Among the most important issues was the rights of immigrant workers. In Milwaukee specifically, more than 4,000 people assembled, organized by Voces de la Frontera, an immigrant worker’s rights group based in Wisconsin’s largest city. The march was the first of a two-day series of “Days Without Latinxs & Immigrants” actions, held in 18 states around the country.

The group specifically targeted Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who was a main reason immigration reform did not pass on the federal level last year. They also called on President Biden to expand protections for immigrant workers. Milwaukee’s mayor was present at the march, and expressed his support for the group’s efforts, and immigrant rights more broadly.

While much media coverage was centered in Milwaukee — since this was the epicenter of the movement and the homebase of its organizer — similar demonstrations occurred around the country, emphasizing the centrality of immigrant workers in the American economy and the importance of protections for this group.

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