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USCIS Now Publishes Some International Processing Times

USCIS just announced that it now publishes processing times for I-130, I-131, and I-730 petitions processing at certain overseas offices. This is a great start to helping immigrants understand and manage expectations about what to expect when applying for immigration benefits at US embassies, consulates, and regional international offices. Immigrants, their families, and their attorneys will hope that USCIS publishes data about more forms that are processed overseas.

See: https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/ptIntlIntro.do to check out processing times at certain overseas USCIS offices.

USCIS incorrectly sends approved I-130s to National Records Center

When your I-130 is approved, it should be sent to the National Visa Center if you will be consular processing your immigrant visa. Recently, applicants have reported that approved I-130 cases have been sent to the National Records Center instead of the National Visa Center. Clearly, this poses a problem for any consular processing application. For folks applying for I-601A provisional waivers of inadmissibility, this causes an additional problem of delaying their ability to file Form I-601A because it can only be filed after the applicant pays the immigrant visa fee to the National Visa Center (NVC).

USCIS has created an email address (for attorneys only) to notify USCIS when this problem occurs on a case. Please contact my office if your case involves this USCIS mistake so that I can help you resolve the problem quickly and correctly.