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Fiance Visa to Citizenship

From Fiance visa to citizenshipOur client of many years recently got their Citizenship Application approved! When they came to us, they were a newly engaged couple who had experienced some complications with their Fiancé Visa application.  They decided that they couldn’t wait to get married so we filed an I-130 instead.  Once their application was approved, we worked with them on the National Visa Center applications and prepared them for the Embassy Interview.  Not long after that, the couple was reunited in Massachusetts!  A couple of years later we submitted their I-751 application.  While their I-751 was still pending we submitted their Citizenship Application.  On the day of the interview, both the I-751 and the N-400 were approved! All these years later and the newly engaged couple has grown into a happily married family of four.


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What is a Fiancé Visa?

Deciding to get married is a big step. But for couples who are citizens of different countries, it can be an even more complicated process. In the U.S., US citizens can bring a non-citizen fiancé to the United States to live. Once in the U.S., a non-citizen also has certain rights with the fiancé visa.

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