Change of Address Information (Form AR-11)

Why is it important to notify USCIS about your address change? 
First, federal law requires that all non-US citizens promptly notify USCIS and sometimes other agencies of changes in physical and mailing addresses. The address change must be reported to USCIS and sometimes other agencies like EOIR, ICE, and DOL within five days of the address change. Next, in order to make sure you receive all correspondence from USCIS and other agencies, you want to make sure that USCIS has your updated address. If you fail to report the address change and then miss an important USCIS notice, USCIS is likely to blame you for missing an appointment, interview, hearing or deadline.


How do I change my address with USCIS?

You can complete Form AR-11 and change your address on any pending application or petition by using Online Change of Address service.