New Pilot Program Launched by a Private Prison Company

A private prison company is launching a new pilot program that would place migrants caught crossing the border under house arrest. BI Incorporated, the group responsible, is a subset of the private prison company GEO Group. Immigrants enrolled in this new pilot program “home curfew” would be confined to their place of residence in the United States for 12 hours a day, from 8pm until 8am, until their court hearing. The system relies on electronic monitoring.

The program is a product of Biden administration efforts to lessen the number of immigrants in detention. Currently about 164,000 immigrants are in “alternative-to-detention” programs. BI Incorporated received a $2.2 billion dollar federal contract in 2020 for purposes such as this. However, the program does not address the Biden administration’s supposed goal productively and progressively, instead unjustly furthering the surveillance of immigrants and expanding the power of a profit-driven detention group.

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