Immigration and the United States 2020 Census

United States 2020 CensusThe 2020 United States Census has raised alarms for economists. Population growth is slowing, and projections do not see the trend changing anytime soon. Economists agree that population growth fuels economies, and some parts of the country are already experiencing negative effects. Shrinking tax bases in rural areas has made it harder to fund public services like infrastructure and education. In addition, the aging population poses a serious dependency problem, placing a major economic strain on the working population. 

While the government is pondering family-planning solutions, it is overlooking the best option–increased immigration. Immigration has historically been a major accelerator of population growth. It is a far easier and simpler way to fix the population problem, and would benefit more lives. Many immigrants populate large metro areas, which would have otherwise lost population in recent years. Furthermore, many of these immigrants are younger than the median American, adding supply to the labor force.

While there are many humanitarian reasons to support immigration, this new economic angle of the should silence all critics. It is time for Congress to work together and open up the country to more immigrants, for the benefit of all.