Business-Based Immigration

What is Business-Based Immigration?


Business-based immigration in the United States encompasses a range of visa categories designed to facilitate the entry and stay of foreign nationals seeking to engage in commercial activities. These visas cater to entrepreneurs, investors, and skilled workers, allowing them to establish, expand, or contribute to business ventures within the country. Business-based immigration aims to foster economic growth, job creation, and the overall development of industries while maintaining compliance with immigration regulations and requirements.


Temporary Visas

  • H-1B: Specialized Worker
  • H-4: Spouse or Dependent of Specialized Worker
  • L: Intracompany Transferee
    • L-1A: Executive or Manger
    • L-1B: Specialized Knowledge
  • O-1: Exceptional Individuals and Scholars
  • E-1/E-2: Treaty Traders or Investors
  • J-1 Waiver: Physicians and Scholars
  • TN: Canadian and Mexican Professionals
  • F-1: Students
  • F-1 OPT and CPT: Student Worker


Permanent Residence:

  • EB-1A: Self-filing Extraordinary Individuals
  • EB-1B: Researchers and Scholars
  • EB-2: Masters’ Degree Holders
  • EB-2 NIW: National Interest Waiver (self-filed)
  • EB-3: Bachelors’ Degree Holders
  • PERM
  • Adjustment of Status/Consular Processing
  • I-765: Work Permit
  • I-131: Travel Permit

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