Recently, USCIS made changes to Form N-400, the application used to apply for US citizenship, aka naturalization.  

Importantly, the updated Form N-400 introduces a third gender option, marked as “X,” to recognize individuals with non-binary or other gender identities beyond the traditional male and female categories. For pending N-400 applications filed using previous versions of the form, applicants have the opportunity to request a gender change to “X” , ensuring alignment with their true identity.

Next, applicants filing Form N-400 now can request an original or replacement Social Security number (SSN) or card directly through the N-400 application process. When someone becomes a US citizen, or changes immigration status, SSA must know in order to apply that information to their SSA accounts and also to communicate status to various state and federal agencies for reasons including employment authorization purposes and licensing. By including the request for a new SSA card via Form N-400, the individual no longer needs to separately communicate with SSA to make sure their citizenship status is properly updated after obtaining US citizenship.  

At Cambridge Immigration Law, we recognize the importance of staying updated with these changes and are dedicated to assisting applicants throughout the naturalization process. Our team is here to provide guidance and support, ensuring that every individual’s path to citizenship is navigated with ease and confidence.