Noncitizens Divorcing During COVID

Divorcing During COVID

At any given time I represent clients who are in the process of divorcing a spouse. My representation on these cases ranges from joint I-751 petitions with notice to USCIS of the pending divorce to I-751 waiver petitions based on divorce to I-360 self-petitions based on abuse to an immigrant who wants to marry a US citizen but who still is married to someone else.

Right now COVID presents many challenges to clients who want to process the divorce. Family courts in MA as closed to the public, except for emergencies. However, the courts have expanded filing options and even options for obtaining judicial orders without a hearing. At this point, it does not appear a final order of divorce can be obtained without a hearing.

I work with many family law attorneys around Massachusetts who represent my immigration clients on family matters. One of my favorite parts of my job is collaborating with attorneys who specialize in other areas of law.

If you have legal needs related to immigration and divorce, contact me. I will be happy to discuss representation on immigration matters and collaboration with your family law attorneys.